I’m not quite sure how to use this app. What kinds of questions can I ask?

Think about the kinds of topics that are covered during City Council meetings, and the different people who speak. This includes councilmembers, mayoral staff, public agency representatives, activists, and other civic actors. Instead of watching many hours of City Council recordings to find out what has been said about a topic, use this app to do that search for you in fewer than 60 seconds!

We suggest building questions around the following:

  • A particular topic, technology, policy, or issue that you’d like to find out about – e.g., surveillance, incarceration, criminal justice reform, crime cameras, etc.
  • AND a particular person, agency, or other stakeholder that may have reported data, findings, questions, or concerns in relation to that topic – e.g., NOPD, City Council, the Mayor.
  • For example, you could ask: “What data does NOPD have to show the effectiveness of crime cameras in New Orleans?”
  • Or you could ask: “What is City Council doing to address racial inequality in the criminal justice system?”
  • Visit the homepage to see questions asked by other people and organizations, and also case studies on how results were used.

The app is in development – feel free to use it for asking different kinds of questions, and this will help EOS improve the app and make it more useful.